KEY-BAK ToolMate™ Smartphone Jacket

£18.47 (inc. VAT)

The KEY-BAK ToolMate™ Smartphone jacket has been designed to fit almost any mobile phone and its case while allowing full function of touch screens, cameras, clear audio and fingerprint readers

KEY-BAK ToolMate™ Smartphone Jacket

  • Fits smartphones up to 86mm x 162mm
  • Flexible design fits with almost any smartphone and case
  • Clear captive touch screen cover with audio perforations
  • Transparent rear housing to accommodate all cameras
  • Rear opening for fingerprint access
  • Reinforced captive hole for quick ToolMate™ Tether attachment
  • 3rd Party Dynamically Drop Tested to a 2:1 Safety Factor
  • ANSI 121-2018 Certified
  • Patent Pending

Additional information

Weight 0.028 kg
Dimensions 15 × 86 × 162 mm