KEY-BAK Key Reel – Karabiner Fixing

£22.14 (inc. VAT)

RKCH Key Reel – 600mm Stainless Steel Chain – Karabiner Fixing

Key Reel – Karabiner fixing

This unique key reel features the karabiner fixing that allows you to keep your keys safe by attaching them to either a handbag or belt loop. The softer, more stylish design of the karabiner clip makes this ideal for light professional and commercial or domestic use.

It features a retractable 60cm stainless-steel chain that means you never have to detach your keys to use them. Excellent for preventing lost, misplaced or even stolen keys.

Key Features

  • Made exclusively in the USA
  • Karabiner-style key reel for convenient way to store your keys
  • Clip can be attached to handbags or belt loops
  • 60cm high-quality stainless-steel chain that’s retractable so you don’t have to detach clip to use keys
  • Has been tested for 1m pulls
  • Can carry 15 keys or 284g approximately

Additional information

Weight 0.076 kg
Dimensions 178 × 50 × 15 mm
Chain Length


Fixing Method

Max. Weight Carried