KEY-BAK Key Silencer With Standard Key Reel

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Key Silencer With Standard Key Reel

Key Silencer with Standard Key Reel

The Key Silencer with standard key reel is a simpler form of the Key Silencer with heavy duty key real, that is also available. This has the same wraparound style key silencer that keeps all keys you are carrying quiet and protected. For quick and safe use, it features a 60m chain constructed from stainless-steel that enables you to use the keys at arm’s length, before they are retracted back to the belt.

As well as being a simpler variation as the other key silencer with a more robust key reel, this can carry less keys. You can connect either 15 keys or a maximum weight of 284g. This product is not only good for people with professional or commercial key holder positions, but also individuals who just want to keep their keys safe.

Key Features

  • USA made
  • Dimensions: (h)150 x (w)210 x (d)21mm
  • Heavy duty nylon belt loop design suitable for belts with width of up to 55mm
  • Wraparound key silencer keeps your keys secure and quiet
  • Reduces chances of damaged or lost keys
  • 60cm stainless-steel chain allows keys to be used at arm’s length then returned to silencer
  • Has been tested to 1-million pulls
  • Can carry either 15 keys or up to 230g

Additional information

Weight 0.106 kg
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 mm
Chain Length


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