As a medical professional, staying organized is very important. Not only are you responsible for patients, but you’re also tasked with keeping the work environment neat and orderly. If you have a badge, one of the best ways to stay organised is getting a badge holder. Retractable badge holders from come in various styles to meet the needs of every worker. Read on to learn more about the ones we carry.

What is a Retractable Badge Holder?

Good question! A retractable badge holder is a device that secures and displays an employee’s badge. With a retractable badge holder, employees don’t have to worry about finding a place to store their badge while on the job. Badge holders make it easy for employees to move around the facility, entering and exiting areas that require credentials.

Retractable Badge Holders

Retractable badge holders are great for professionals always on the go. These badge holders are made with a casing, spring mechanism, retractable cord, attachment and badge holder end fitting. The casing is the round or square object that houses the cord. A spring mechanism is attached to the retractable cord to allow users to move it at will. The clothing attachment enables the user to clip the badge to their clothing such as a waistband or coat pocket. The last piece, the ID badge attachment, is meant to hold the actual badge.

Karabiner Badge Holder

Karabiner badge holders are named after the karabiner mechanism. A karabiner is a metal loop with an opening on the side. Karabiners are often used to attach to belt loops or work vest. Karabiner retractable badge holders are typically a little larger than other options but are more versatile to attach. For professionals that need keys to enter different workspaces, this type of holder is incredibly useful.

Belt Clip Badge Holder

Belt clip retractable badge holders have a clip attached to the back of the badge holder that attaches to the wearers belt or waistband. Retractable badge holders are made of stainless steel and won’t bend over time. This type of holder prominently displays the badge while fastened to the user’s available belt. has a range of retractable badge holders, click here for more details


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